Retirement Planning for Physicians

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Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial security, especially for physicians who face unique challenges such as high student loan debt, late career start, and the need to manage substantial retirement savings.

At 25 Financial, we specialize in retirement planning for physicians, providing tailored strategies that ensure a comfortable retirement. Our comprehensive approach integrates tax-advantaged accounts, investment planning, and asset protection to help you build a robust nest egg and achieve your retirement goals.

Why Consult with a 25 Financial Advisor for Physician Retirement Planning?

Expertise in Healthcare and Financial Planning

Healthcare professionals are some of the highest-earning Americans. Our investment advisors understand this unique financial landscape and recognize that your path to retirement involves managing medical school debt, maximizing retirement accounts, and planning for potential burnout and career transitions. Our expertise ensures that your retirement strategy aligns with your professional journey and financial goals.

Customized Retirement Plans

At 25 Financial, we offer personalized retirement plans that are comprehensive and unbiased. Whether you are looking to invest in mutual funds, real estate, or tax-advantaged accounts like Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs, our financial planners tailor strategies to suit your risk tolerance, retirement age, and long-term objectives. We provide guidance on asset allocation to diversify your portfolio and maximize returns.

Maximizing Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Navigating the complexities of tax-advantaged accounts is essential for effective retirement planning. Our advisors help you optimize your contributions to Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, and employer-sponsored retirement plans. We also implement strategies such as backdoor Roth IRAs and tax-deferred accounts to minimize your tax burden and maximize your retirement savings.

Comprehensive Financial Security

Beyond retirement accounts, we offer a range of financial planning services to ensure your financial security. This includes pension plans, profit-sharing plans, cash balance plans, and defined benefit plans. Our goal is to help you build a comprehensive savings plan that ensures a steady retirement income and financial stability.

Managing Investment Risk

The stock market can be volatile, but our advisors are here to guide you through uncertain times. We help you develop a robust investment strategy that includes a mix of asset classes to reduce risk and enhance stability, ensuring your retirement portfolio remains resilient through market fluctuations.

Building a Secure and Comfortable Retirement | Contact 25 Financial

Planning for retirement as a physician requires a specialized approach, and 25 Financial is dedicated to providing the expertise and personalized service you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your retirement goals and enjoy a comfortable retirement.


What is retirement planning for physicians?

Retirement planning for physicians involves creating a comprehensive strategy that addresses the unique financial challenges faced by medical professionals, including managing student loan debt, maximizing retirement savings, and ensuring financial security.

Why is it important to consult with a financial advisor for retirement planning?

A financial advisor provides personalized advice and strategies that align with your financial goals and professional journey. They help optimize your contributions to tax-advantaged accounts, manage investment risk, and ensure your retirement plan is comprehensive and unbiased.

What are the benefits of a Roth IRA for physicians?

A Roth IRA offers tax-free growth and tax-free qualified withdrawals in retirement. It is an excellent option for physicians who expect to be in a higher tax bracket in retirement, as Roth contributions are made with after-tax dollars. The Roth IRA protects you from paying future income tax rates, and this protection also continues for your heirs.

How can I maximize my retirement savings as a physician?

Maximizing retirement savings involves contributing to tax-advantaged accounts, such as Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, and employer contribution plans. Our advisors help you implement strategies like backdoor Roth IRAs and optimize your asset allocation to grow your nest egg.

What is a backdoor Roth IRA, and should I consider it?

A backdoor Roth IRA is a strategy that allows high-income earners to contribute to a Roth IRA indirectly by converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. This strategy can provide significant tax benefits and is ideal for physicians who exceed the gross income limits for direct Roth IRA contributions.

What is a 401(K)?

A 401(k) is a qualified defined contribution plan that enables physicians to make pre-tax contributions from their income, which then grow tax-deferred. This means that you’ll only pay taxes when you withdraw the funds during retirement. It’s a popular choice for doctors to build a substantial retirement nest egg.

Can 25 Financial help with pension plans and profit-sharing plans?

Yes, our advisors offer comprehensive planning for pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and other defined benefit plans. We help you design and implement these plans to ensure a steady retirement income and financial security.

How do tax-advantaged accounts benefit my retirement plan?

Tax-advantaged accounts, such as Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, and SEP IRAs, provide significant tax benefits that can help grow your retirement savings more efficiently. Contributions may be tax-deductible, and earnings grow tax-free or tax-deferred.

What strategies can I use to manage investment risk in my retirement portfolio?

Diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes, such as mutual funds, real estate, brokerage accounts, and taxable accounts, can help manage investment risk. Our advisors develop tailored investment strategies to reduce volatility and ensure your portfolio remains resilient.

What should I consider when planning for retirement as a self-employed physician?

Self-employed physicians have unique retirement planning needs, including managing their own retirement accounts and tax-advantaged plans. Our advisors help you set up SEP IRAs, solo 401(k)s, and other plans to maximize your retirement savings and ensure financial stability.

What is an SEP IRA?

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA is a retirement savings account designed for self-employed physicians or those in small practices. SEP IRAs offer higher contribution limits compared to traditional IRAs, making them ideal for doctors looking to catch up on their retirement savings.

How can 25 Financial help with retirement income planning?

Our advisors provide comprehensive retirement income planning, ensuring you have enough money to sustain your lifestyle in retirement. We help you design a withdrawal strategy, optimize your social security benefits, and ensure a steady income stream.

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