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Oasis International Ministries

What a great opportunity St. Louis to help Afghan men who served next to our U.S. military, being their translators, drivers, and fellow soldiers!  We do our best to honor them and their families as we do our own veterans.

One Afghan refugee father told us “I didn’t want my children, especially my girls, to grow up in a war zone, constantly running and hiding from exploding bombs and seeing people killed.  I feel like there is a bright future in America. “

Oasis International heart is to be a part of that bright future that so many refugee families are longing for.

The MISSION of Oasis International Ministries, located in the Bevo Mill area of South St. Louis is  “To love and care for those seeking refuge from a war torn country with the heart of Jesus”.

 It is our joy to help the refugee families in practical ways, transforming their house into a home by giving them furniture, household items, small appliances, shoes and clothes. Learning English is a necessity to survive in a new country.  Oasis’ English and citizenship classes are provided, with childcare available. Baby showers are hosted for pregnant moms.  Monthly BBQ’s are held to promote community and provide a fun time for refugees from around the world.  Refugee families have been through the trauma of war, losing family and friends, leaving their home, their jobs and their country.  They are so grateful to be in the United States and yet so lonely. They have many needs when they arrive to our city. An immediate need is for a good paying job and transportation to their workplace. Often they must walk, ride a bike or take many busses to get to work. They need money to purchase their own new clothes.  Cars are also at the top of their needs’ list.  We are also always collecting regular supplies they cannot buy with food stamps such as,  toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, shampoo and personal hygiene items.

We are so grateful to 25 Financial for their heart to make an impact on the lives of the refugee families. Oasis International has been so blessed to get to know Randy and Kim and the staff of 25 Financial.  The love and compassion they have for our refugee friends as well as the Kirkwood community is amazing.  We know Jesus said to “Welcome the stranger” in our city is to Welcome Him.  Monetary donations will be used to purchase clothes, shoes, bicycles and even cars for these new families coming to our city.  Tax receipts are available for in kind gifts and cash donations.