25 Financial and Oasis International

Let’s Do Something

Have you ever witnessed a global tragedy but felt powerless to do anything to help? I have. It was August 26, 2021. I felt
helpless and frustrated. That week, I watched humans fall out of airplane landing gear and babies dropped over fences –
all attempting to flee the ruthless Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

“I have to do something, but what!? I’m halfway around the world…and what can I do that the United States could not
accomplish in 20 years of occupancy?”

I did what I often do when I am out of answers. I turned to God. That night I sent a social media blast for an impromptu
prayer night for the Afghan people, our leadership, and our troops. About 30 people showed up. We prayed for about 2

It’s hard to believe what happened next.

About 4 weeks later, Sarah and I vacationed to Napa Valley, CA with friends. After we arrived, we took an Uber to our
hotel. To our surprise, the Uber driver was from Afghanistan with lots of friends and some family stuck in Afghanistan
and in fear of their lives. We blessed him with some money for his Afghan friends and family and prayed with him
before we left.

“Wow! How amazing to meet our first friend from Afghanistan so soon after our prayer time,” we exclaimed.
But then it happened. Coincidence turned into answered prayer.

Not one…not two…not three…but all four of our Uber drivers during our visit to Napa were from Afghanistan. I’ll never
forget the former U.S. translator who just arrived to the U.S. two weeks prior with his wife. She was pregnant with their
fourth child. He was crying so hard as he told his story that he missed the turn to our hotel three times in a row. He
pounded the shifter as he described the pain of leaving his family and friends to the merciless Taliban.


Our next Uber driver was “JB” (I changed his name). We employed JB and his Afghan cousin to shuttle our group for
most of our visit. His cousin was quiet and forlorn the entire week. We discovered that he was the only one from his
immediate family who escaped to the U.S.

JB told us many stories, often with emotion. He told stories of women hiding in closets as the Taliban burst into their
house looking for new “wives;” stories of Afghan allies to the U.S. (Translators, etc…) that needed immediate evacuation
to Pakistan but could not afford the $800 plane ticket.

We now had names and faces for the Afghan plight. When we returned home, I kept in contact with JB. I called my
friend, Mark Akers at Oasis International and explained the situation. Mark informed me that Oasis was already in
contact with hundreds of families in Afghanistan and were the last stop on the “underground railroad” to St. Louis, MO.
He said he was able to wire money through his Afghan liaison directly to individuals. Within days of our donations to
Oasis, we received texts of hundreds of photos of the beautiful Afghan people holding the cash. We even saw videos of
secretive emergency evacuations to Pakistan. The donations funded several tickets to Pakistan as well as food and
supplies for hundreds of Afghans who lost their jobs due to their long-standing support of the U.S.

Astonishingly, within only 3 months of our impromptu prayer night, God answered our prayers to “do something.”
At 25 Financial, we are continuing to “do something.” Oasis International has a list of over 100 families that need
emergency evacuation. About 1 family a week can be evacuated through the “underground railroad.” We are not even
halfway through the list yet.

But leaving dangerous countries is only the beginning of the challenges facing refugees. Oasis International serves
refugees by teaching them English, providing furnished housing, job opportunities, food and clothing, and much more.
We want to answer their call for help and invite you to join us!

25 Financial is excited to announce our upcoming joint event with Oasis International on Saturday, September 23 rd ,
2023. Team 25 is moving into our new home at 135 W. Adams Ave and would like to inaugurate the space with an event
that reflects our Vision: To help others live life to their fullest potential.

We invite our Kirkwood neighbors to stop by and welcome the 25 team to the neighborhood, as well as meet and
welcome several refugee families to their new home in St. Louis. There will be food trucks, DJ Slim spinning, bouncy
houses and games for the kids, and most importantly, 2 large trucks to accept donations on the lists below (please ONLY
donate items on the list). All donations will go directly to families through Oasis International. Tax receipts available
upon request.

Our goal is to raise awareness and $100,000 for Oasis International on September 23 rd through in-kind and cash
donations. 25 Financial has kicked off the fund raise by donating 2 cars, dozens of bikes and cash to families totaling

Thank you in advance and we look forward to meeting you!