Let’s Do Something

OASIS, International + 25 Financial

Saturday, September 23. 11AM-2PM

Let’s Do Something

OASIS, International + 25 Financial

Saturday, September 23. 11AM – 2PM

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Join Us and Make a Difference

25 Financial is excited to announce our upcoming joint event with Oasis International on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, from 11AM – 2PM. Team 25 is moving into our new home at 135 W. Adams Ave and would like to inaugurate the space with an event that reflects our Vision: To help others live life to their fullest potential.

We invite our Kirkwood neighbors to stop by and welcome the 25 team to the neighborhood, as well as meet and welcome several refugee families to their new home in St. Louis. We will have a special message from the Oasis team and 25 Financial Partners at 12:30PM. There will be food trucks, DJ Slim spinning, bouncy houses and games for the kids, and most importantly, 2 large trucks to accept donations on the lists below (please ONLY donate items on the list). All donations will go directly to families through Oasis International.  Tax receipts available upon request.

Our goal is to raise awareness and $100,000 for Oasis International on September 23rd through in-kind and cash donations. 25 Financial has kicked off the fund raise by donating 2 cars, dozens of bikes and cash to families totaling $30,000. 

Thank you in advance and we look forward to meeting you!


“Have you ever witnessed a global tragedy but felt powerless to do anything to help? I have. It was August 26, 2021. I felt helpless and frustrated. That week, I watched humans fall out of airplane landing gear and babies dropped over fences – all attempting to flee the ruthless new Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

“I have to do something, but what!? I’m halfway around the world…and what can I do that the United States could not accomplish in 20 years of occupancy?”

I did what I often do when I am out of answers. I turned to God. That night I sent a social media blast for an impromptu prayer night for the Afghan people, our leadership and our troops. About 30 people showed up. We prayed for about 2 hours.

It’s hard to believe what happened next.”


“What a great opportunity St. Louis to help Afghan men who served next to our U.S. military, being their translators, drivers, and fellow soldiers!  We do our best to honor them and their families as we do our own veterans.

One Afghan refugee father told us “I didn’t want my children, especially my girls, to grow up in a war zone, constantly running and hiding from exploding bombs and seeing people killed.  I feel like there is a bright future in America. “

Oasis International heart is to be a part of that bright future that so many refugee families are longing for.”