Wealth management for physicians

Financial Planning for Physicians

Financial planning for doctors is unlike financial planning for the general public. Physicians graduate with loads of student loan debt, begin retirement planning later in life, have shorter time horizons to reach their much larger-than-average retirement income goals and have a target on their back for lawsuits and taxes throughout their careers. They are then expected to juggle insurance, student loans, estate and asset protection planning, tax planning, employee benefits, and portfolio diversification across multiple accounts all while working 70 hours a week.

The What

We believe financial planning for doctors must be comprehensive, unbiased and always in the physician’s best interest. Our comprehensive financial plans include insurance review and planning, debt management strategies, employee benefits planning and analysis, investment planning, proactive tax strategies, college, retirement and legacy planning, and estate and asset protection planning. We are a “one-stop resource” or “family CFO” for physicians who want this service.

The Why

Financial planning is necessary throughout all stages of a physician’s career. Although this planning is a lifetime process, there are considerations that are more urgent at different stages of a physician’s life. 25 is a comprehensive financial planning firm that specializes in planning for all physicians from residency and in-practice through retirement and then legacy.